[vlc-devel] Persian Translation and Subtitles (Christophe Mutricy)

Masoud R mrostam48 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 21:47:01 CET 2008

1- thanks, I contacted "her", and hopefully the problem will be resolved.
2-I didn't notice that. But do you think it would be better if vlc has
something like* "Load subtitles*" in its file menu
like BSPlayer or MediaPlayer Classic.


On 1/17/08, vlc-devel-request at videolan.org <vlc-devel-request at videolan.org>
> >
> > 1-why the Persian translation is incomplete. What should I do to
> complete
> > it?
> Farzaneh Sarafraz (farzaneh at farsiweb dot info ) is maintaning the
> persian translation. You can contact him and see if he needs help.
> > 2-I didn't see any support for subtitles in this player. Am I right? And
> if
> > yes, why? Do you plan to include this feature in future? And if yes, how
> can
> > I help?
> It does. if the subtitle is in the same directory of the video it is
> find automatically and then you can activate it in the audio or video
> menu
> --
> Xtophe
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