[vlc-devel] VLC media player 0.9.0-test2 pre-release

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 16 11:25:05 CEST 2008

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Dear VideoLAN users,

We are pleased to announce the second prerelease of VLC media player  
version 0.9.0.

The source tarball and binary packages for Windows and Mac OS X are  
available at:

This is *not* a release candidate as there are some known issues left.  
Details are available at:

VLC media player version 0.9.0 will be the first major release since  
VLC 0.8.0, almost 4 years ago, and the first feature release since
VLC 0.8.6, 1 and a half year ago. It will conclude a 2 years of  
(mostly volunteer) development started with the branching of 0.8.5- 

Feedback and bug reports are welcome through our usual communication  

Current release notes (still subject to change):

Important notes:
- ----------------
  * This release will not work with Windows 98/ME and Mac OS X 10.3.9  
  * The HTTP interface is now only available on the local machine by  
    If you want to make it available from other machines, you will  
have to
    edit the ".hosts" file.
    - On UNIX/Linux, the file is in /usr/share/vlc/http/.hosts
      If you're using the old http interface, it's located in
    - On Windows they are in C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\http\.hosts  
      C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\http\old\.hosts
    - On Mac OS X, you can find it in VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/share/ 
      and respectively in VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/share/http/old/.hosts
  * This version of VLC contains a new interface for Windows and Linux.
    This interface has a fullscreen controller. This interface lacks the
    "Streaming Wizard" that used to be present in VLC 0.8.6.
    If you absolutely need it, we advise you to keep VLC 0.8.6.
  * The behavior of --sout-keep was changed. It's now activated by  
  * The marq, mosaic and logo commands in the rc interface changed. They
    now require a target name as their first argument. Example:
    vlc --sub-filter "marq at test{marquee=Hello}" -I rc <somevideo>
    You can then use commands like: @test marq-marquee Goodbye
    These new commands are also available in the telnet interface.
  * The "rtp" access output module has been removed.
    Please use the RTP stream output instead, e.g.:
      Old: '#std{access=rtp,mux=ts,dst=,sap}'
      New: '#rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=5004,sap}'
  * You now need to append --m3u-extvlcopt to your command line to  
    EXTVLCOPT options parsing in m3u playlists. Note that only a  
limited set
    of options is available to m3u playlists (CVE-2007-6683).
  * The old access:url syntax is no longer supported. Use access://url  
     E.g.:  vlc:quit -> vlc://quit ;
            udp:@ -> udp://@
  * The ffmpeg module has been removed and replaced by avcodec,  
avformat, swscale
    (or imgresample if you use a swscale-less ffmpeg build) and  
postproc modules.
  * The web plugins ActiveX (IE)/Firefox/Mozilla/Safari now recognize  
    following states: IDLE/CLOSE=0, OPENING=1, BUFFERING=2, PLAYING=3,  
    BACKWARD being reserved for future implementations and are thus not
    functional atm.
  * Croping and padding in transcode are now done using the croppadd  
    filter. For example:
  * Canvas setting in transcode is now done using the canvas video  
    For example:
  * Glide video output module has been removed.

- --------

Security updates:
  * Updated libfreetype on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-??)

  * Vastly improved playlist support:
     * Media library creation to save all your playlist items
     * "Live search"
     * Shoutcast TV listings
     * Audioscrobbler/Last.FM support
  * Album art support
  * User definable Lua playlist scripts. See share/lua/playlist/ 
    (Default scripts open YouTube, DailyMotion, metacafe and Google  
Video URLs)
  * User definable Lua metadata and album art fetcher scripts. See

  * Video for Linux 2 (V4L2) input support
  * UDP-Lite transport for RTP/AVP
  * DCCP transport for RTP/AVP
  * Proxy support for MMSH stream
  * JACK audio input support
  * Input run time option (improved live stream recording)
  * BDA devices access module for DVB-C/S/T capture cards on Microsoft  
  * Re-written Screen access module for Mac OS X
    using OpenGL instead of QuickDraw
  * Screen module now supports partial screen capture and mouse  
following on X11.
  * Experimental EyeTV access module
    This requires the user to install a plugin to EyeTV.app
    (available as a separate download).
  * RTMP input support
  * QTKit-based Input module for Mac OS X allowing display and  
streaming of video
    taken from all iSight-labelled video cameras (no audio support)
  * HTTP access now supports gzip compressed data and Digest Access
  * New options to reduce latency between arrival of raw data and  
display of
    frames. (--auto-adjust-pts-delay and --use-stream-immediate)

  * MP4 gpac and Apple chapter support
  * Fixed playback of AIFF stereo files
  * Fixed audio glitch on seek
  * Improved FLAC demuxer (duration / current time / meta data)
  * AAC tags support
  * APEv1/2 tags support
  * Improved ID3v2 tags support
  * Improved Ogg/Vorbis tags support
  * Raw video support
  * Standard MIDI File (types 0 & 1) support
  * TiVo Series 2 support
  * CD+G karaoke Files support
  * MXF files support
  * OMA support

  * VP60/VP61/VP6F/VP62 support
  * Flash Screen Video support
  * CamStudio Screen Video support
  * DosBox Capture support
  * Karl Morton's Video support
  * limited atrac3 support
  * Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis (with external sound fonts)
  * New codec FOURCCs to support more specific files:
    Avid, FCP, Sony, Samsung, ...
  * H.264 PAFF support
  * DNxHD / VC-3 support
  * NellyMoser ASAO support
  * APE (Monkey audio) support
  * RealVideo support (with the RealVideo run-time)
  * Dirac video support using libschroedinger

  * Closed Caption Decoder (DVD, ReplayTV, TiVo, DVB/ATSC)
  * VBI & EBU (Teletext) support (*nix, Mac OS)
  * Ogg/Kate subtitles support
  * AQTitle subtitles support
  * MKV USF subtitles support
  * HTML-based subtitles support
  * MPSub subtitles support
  * JacoSub subtitles basic support
  * MPL2 subtitles support
  * Rewrite of ASS/SSA scripts and subtitles support
  * PowerDivx (.psb) Subtitles support
  * Realtext subtitle support
  * DKS subtitle support
  * SubViewer 1.0 (SubRip09) subtitles support
  * Correct Right-to-left languages in subtitles support

  * Flash Screen Video support
  * Improved H.264 encoding speed

Video outputs and filters:
  * New CoreAnimation-based output module (VLCKit framework on OS X  
  * Adjust, Invert and Distort (now split into Wave, Ripple, Gradient  
    Psychedelic) video filters can now be streamed
  * New puzzle video output filter
  * Re-written motion detection video filter
  * New extract video filter (extract Red, Green and Blue components  
from a
  * New sharpen video filter (increase the contrast of adjacent pixels)
  * New erase video filter (removes logos from a video)
  * Enhanced subtitles' renderer to support bold, italic and some HTML  
    (Google Summer of Code Student project)
  * Support for RGBA and I420 blending. This improves Mosaic CPU usage  
*a lot*.
  * New transparency mask video filter (for use with the mosaic_bridge  
  * New bluescreen video filter (for use with the mosaic_bridge module).
    This was previously part of the mosaic module.
  * Fixed random characters problem in RSS filter.
  * Add rotate-deciangle for more precision on rotate filter
  * Support for Intel SSE2 instruction set in chroma converters
  * Improved use of Intel MMX instruction set in chroma converters
  * New croppadd and canvas video filters.

Audio outputs and filters:
  * Replay gain support
  * Audio playback when going slower/faster (no pitch filter yet)
  * New spatializer audio filter
  * Correct DTS output via S/PDIF

Stream output:
  * RTSP for TS-multiplexed broadcast streams
  * New RTP payload formats:
    * Speex voice audio codec
    * ITU T.140 (for text, subtitles) output
    * G.711 (both A-law and µ-law) output
  * UDP-Lite transport for RTP
  * DCCP transport for RTP
  * Lots of fixes for RTSP broadcasting
  * RTMP output

  * All
    * New Simple Preferences dialogs showing the most important  
settings in an
      end-user suitable way.
    * Improved user interaction
    * Improved mouse gestures
    * Vastly improved Update checker
    * Full support for meta data editing (ID3v2, Ogg/Vorbis, AAC,  
  * Windows/Linux
    * Brand new interface for Linux and Windows, based on the Qt toolkit
    * Fullscreen controller (transparency on Linux+Composite)
  * Mac OS X
    * Improved video output features
    * Online access to VideoLAN's Help Wiki within VLC
    * New setting to disable the "Recent Items" service
    * When playing Radio (live) streams, the current track is shown  
    * Correct appearance on Macs using Aqua's graphite theme
    * Simplified Extended Controls panel
  * Ncurses:
    * Correctly displays wide characters when using an UTF-8 locale,
      if libncursesw is available.
    * Some nice colors if the terminal supports it (most do)
  * Experimental Lua interface modules. See vlc -I lua for more info
  * Unix
    * Option to allow only one running instance, using D-Bus interface.
    * D-Bus Interface implementing the MPRIS
      (Media Player Remote Interfacing specification), a common dbus  
      interface for media players that intends to become an xdg  
standard when
      finished: http://wiki.xmms2.xmms.se/index.php/Media_Player_Interfaces 
    * Motion module using disk accelerometers to keep video horizontal
    * Plugin to set Telepathy presence message using MissionControl
  * Fixed VLM schedule time on Linux

Linux Port:
  * VLC now complies with the XDG Base Directory Specification version  
    (which means that VLC doesn't use the $HOME/.vlc directory anymore)

Mac OS X Port:
  * Mac OS X Framework "VLCKit" that can be used to embed VLC in third  
    applications (Google Summer of Code Student project, Mac OS X 10.5  
  * New text renderer based on Quartz replacing the existing Freetype  
  * Complete compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
    * It is now required to compile a fully featured build
  * The support of Mac OS X 10.3.9 and QuickTime 6.x was discontinued.

  * Event management and various improvements in libvlc
    (Part of a Google Summer of Code Student project)

New Localizations:
  * Finnish
  * Persian
  * Polish

   * LibVLC now supports externally built plugins properly.
     A "vlc-plugin" pkg-config package is provided.
   * Java bindings are now built from a separate source.

Best regards,

The VideoLAN Team

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