[vlc-devel] Filters in libvlc

Lukas Durfina lukas.durfina at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 14:27:38 CEST 2008

On Thu, 19 Jun 2008 16:24:16 +0200, jboileau <jboileau at gmail.com> wrote:


> Fine idea by me. I do suggest you also consult with Pierre
> d'Herbermont the libvlc guru! I am more a user than an architect of
> the libvlc API. But of course my opinion does have some value. :-)

I have a feeling, that Pierre is away for 2 weeks, so we can consultate
then, but now it would be helpfull too.

> Yes and that's what Pierre had suggested. This approach is certainly
> simpler, should work fine for libvlc and makes everything local to
> libvlc. If you do
> it in libvlc for now it could certainly be changed if ever the filter
> API evolves and includes persistance one of these days anyways.

I implemented it in libvlc, it isnt finished and tested now
but I hope, it will be fine to work with it.

What I dont know and what I need to know, is when
I have to restore applied filters? I suppose
after changing media, but what about other cases?

Maybe I overlooked it, has libvlc something to
indicate new created vout? Because for example
after setting new video media, vout structure will
be created after short moment...

if someone wants to review and make comments:


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