[vlc-devel] commit: Add callback to spu-es from the input. (Jean-Paul Saman )

Rémi Denis-Courmont rdenis at simphalempin.com
Tue Jun 24 21:30:02 CEST 2008

	Undear disgusting despicable person (IMNSHO),

I have been putting a huge efforts into VLC over the last four years. 
Especially over the last two years, following the desinvolvement of most 
other (then) very active developpers (thedj, gibalou, sam, meuuh, zorglub, 
and to a large extent, fenrir not to name them). I have been sinking huge 
ammount of time into fixing LibVLC (fortunately, not the only one) in the 
0.9.0. Something most people find boring and ungrateful, with users not 
caring, and developpers complaining about the side disruptions.

I am now the individual with the largest number of commits (this statistic is 
very limited sure).

What did I get for all of this?

A job? No.
Any nice hardware? No.
Any covered expenses for a nice travel? No.
An invitation to some cool place? No.
A free VLC T-shirt? No.

When I spend 7 hours of my own free time to bisecting #1633, what do I get? 
Nothing but to spend another hour trying to understand why the audio output 
broke a year ago.

When I spend a full holyday and more trying to fix the Qt4 embedded video 
(thanks to ILEoo and fenrir for their help), what do I get? Dionoea 
complaining about my propensity to "break" the tree and refusing to fix it 

When I abruptly complain to jpsaman that one of his commit is not thread-safe, 
in an effort to limit bugs that sink may FREE time as in the two previous 
paragraphs, what do I get? A request to resign. And then sustained public 
diffamation [1].

When I politely ask that you sign off backports of my commits, what do I get? 
Public insults [1].

I am rather hot-temperred. On top of that, I tend to express myself rather 
straightforward, which people commonly misinterpret as assault and/or sign 
angriness. But hey, I am not the only whining person around here. Even 
dionoea has his complaints phases.

After what you've done, I cannot even understand how you dare stay on these 
mailing lists and on the IRC channel. You should be the one who should have 
_really_ left already. But as you are obviously too stupid even to realize, I 
am not goign to waste my time asking. I will just stop wasting any more of 
time with you.

Without regards,

[1] both misdemeanors under the French penal law.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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