[vlc-devel] commit: Add callback to spu-es from the input. (Je an-Paul Saman )

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 19 19:59:58 CEST 2008

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On 19.06.2008, at 14:54, Rafaël Carré wrote:

> I definitely intend to use my freedom of speech.
That's your obvious right to do. No point of discussion.

>> But anyway, my point is that this kind of discussion should  
>> definitely
>> not take place on a public mailing-list.
> I don't think so.
That's a pity, because this represents to me as a matter of personal  
problems between Rémi and you, which should be discussed personally or  
on videolan@, because it is something which doesn't affect people  
interested in commit mails about VLC's development. Note that this  
mailing-list is read by a huge bunch of people, companies, etc., in  
short folks who don't need to care about VideoLAN's internal  

>> R?mi is definitely right
>> about removing M2X from the partners page, although i regret this.
> Using my m2x mail misleaded you: I only expressed my personal opinion.
> I will send insults from my personal mail from now.
That will clarify a lot. Thanks.

> Oh and trying to calm me down by provoking retaliations at my work  
> place failed.
Not my intention, but thanks for trying to impute this to me.

> Yet I have to recognize him some progress, being acknowledged as the  
> release manager for upcoming VLC 0.9.0 gave him some responsibility  
> and cooled him down, a LOT of personal work still needs to be done,  
> and I don't think he's able to.
It is nice that you see this change of behaviour too, which I  
appreciate btw. However, I need to disagree, because I think that  
communication gets better, although it isn't at top-level yet. Just  
looking how this works out in the future, is more my way of living.

Note that I don't say that Rémi is innocent. I do see the points  
you're criticising. All I am complaining about is the way you do it.

> So IMHO he must leave.
Already stated my opinion on this. No need to repeat.

> Despite stopping personal contributions to the project, I hope you  
> are able to understand I still have some interest in a project I  
> gave a LOT of my time, and I'd be sad to see it slowed down.
> Hence I will continue watch out vlc-devel@ and flame him when he  
> fails to communicate properly.
It is nice to see your interest in VLC media player and your continued  
contributions to vlc-devel. That's not what I expected when I read  
your "Bye" message. That's cool and I'm kind of happy about it.
However, flaming on this mailing-list in inappropriate arguments and  
more importantly language styles is not something I want to see and  
it's definitely not something I will tolerate. As you said not too  
long ago, this project is mostly about spare-time fun. Flaming people  
is not the kind of fun I am seeking by contributing to VLC media  
player. This kind of stuff damages both the success and more  
importantly the reputation of the project. This is not ffmpeg-devel  
for a reason.

Anyway, that's the end of discussion for me. I'll spend the week-end  
offline at a Rock Festival and won't respond to anything until Tuesday.


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