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Just an Illusion jai4forum at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 30 11:52:14 CEST 2008

Hello, I am not agree with the Rémi conclusion.

Technically this is possible, but that require many constraints on 
developers way of work.
E.g : all the code architecture must be fully specify to quickly have a 
program features overview.
With this overview, it is possible to identify which part of code (aka 
module) is mainly limited to codec and demux features.
And developers can easily identify which part of code they need modify 
(with which limitation).

If this part of code is well identify, and if developers follow the 
application code architecture, then it is possible to flag that module 
as 'codec' or 'demuxer' features and demand the send any commits to a 
'sub-mailing list' as [vlc-devel], [vlc-doc], [streaming],... which are 
'sub-mailing list' of [vlc] (the full project).

The last requirement, but not the least :
If we want than any improvement can be shared with others projects, then 
any code modifications must be documented (not approved or accepted but 
really documented) and not only thru code reading interpretation (this 
is time consuming, error prone and perhaps not adapted to the new target 
: code coding rules, code architecture,...), typical useful information 
for code sharing can be :
- Which modify feature ? e.g. : h.264 protocol, Mpeg 1-4 reading and 
- Why modify feature ? e.g. : bug reference, feature bad implementation 
description, specification reference (with short interpretation, if 
any), current alternatives if any
- How modify feature ? e.g. : which part of code, way of 
implementation/coding, which coding rules, performance feature analysis, 
known limitations. In old days that was the 'functional code analysis', 
and that can be useful for [vlc-doc] sub-mailing list.
- How testing feature ? e.g. : user case for bug, user case used to 
check/test modifications. That is very useful in case of bug to help in 
quick bug origin detection (and non regression testing improvement)

Kind regards,

Rémi Denis-Courmont a écrit :
> Le lundi 23 juin 2008 23:49:27 compn, vous avez écrit :
>> I had an idea to send all of the codec and demuxer commits to a
>> codec-commits mailing list so that when a developer adds support for a new
>> video, other projects can also get the same sample working.
> I am afraid this is irrealistic. VLC alone generates about 30 commit messages 
> daily. Of course, most of them are not related to codecs or multiplexers. But 
> there is no artificial intelligence to sort it out.
> Hence, I am a bit puzzled what you really hope/intend to achieve.
> Regards,

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