[vlc-devel] [Patch] add PID to syslog and verbosity control to html/text/syslog logging

Hans Lambermont hans.lambermont at newtec.eu
Tue Mar 11 16:21:15 CET 2008

Patch (diff -uw) against vlc-0.8.6d, file modules/misc/logger.c
- add PID to syslog and use lowercase vlc (conforming to syslog standards)
- add the command-line verbosity control -v[0-2] to html/text/syslog
  logging, such that one can disable f.i. LOG_DEBUG from being offered
  to html/text/syslog completely.
- add the priority to the syslog message (feel free to remove this part ;-)

   Hans Lambermont
Hans Lambermont, M.Sc.  -  Newtec  -  OS-Platform&VAS
http://newtec.eu/     t:+3214472577    m:+31629064887
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