[vlc-devel] CORBA command module

Olivier Aubert olivier.aubert at liris.cnrs.fr
Wed Mar 12 11:11:59 CET 2008


> I found spread across the web some infos that vlc does have an corba
> interface module. I had a look at the current sources in the git repo
> and could not find any plugin that looked like it would provide CORBA
> support. Is the plugin outdated and not more a part of vlc?
vlc *had* a corba module, which I coded but removed since I quit using
it (directly using python bindings) and did not have the time to
maintain it properly.  I removed it on Mon Sep 25 12:09:13 2006 +0000
(git commit
4c5ad8e3f364ff605509a95f26d4653a7bf96b00 ).

It was using Orbit as ORB, and implemented the MediaControl IDL, which
is described at http://wiki.videolan.org/MediaControlAPI
Since the mediacontrol API was designed to match this IDL, and is still
used (and maintained) for the python bindings, it should be easy to
restore a CORBA module, either by fixing the old orbit-based module, or
by writing a new one. I can help, but cannot lead this because of lack
of time.


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