[vlc-devel] Re : Problem when Streaming with VLC 0.9 over DCCP (in linux)

Bogdan Cornea bogdibvro at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 13 00:35:19 CET 2008

Hello, and thank you for you reply!

As you mentioned in your reply, we have compiled the unstable VLC 0.9 release from 12 March 2008 and there was no difference from the unstable VLC 0.9 release from 2nd March 2008. They both have DCCP support, but, we were unable to run the player with the Stream/Save option.
We tried combinations of protocols, with localplayback, with different muxers, video codecs, audio codecs, all being done from the GUI. Whatever option we choose, the program freezes. 

If, for example, RTP is choosed for streaming, the default choise is MPEG TS as muxer. If after that we check the UDP box, and right after that uncheck the UDP box, all the other muxer options remain available. We don't know if it is something to be fixed, or it should be like that. 

It still will not start streaming. Wireshark running as root on "lo" interface doesn't detect any packets being sent over localhost. (we used localhost for streaming tests,as well as a real IP address,but there was no difference).
So right now we are trying to figure out why the program stops working when trying to stream a file. If we can figure this out, and any help regarding this matter is well appreciated, we can later on see how we can use VLC for streaming over DCCP. 

I am not running linux at this very moment but as far as I remember, VLC stops working after displaying "Creating new input thread". Is it possible that I still need to add some extra packages or enable some extra features of VLC at ./configure? (no ./bootstrap or ./configure, or make errors occur).

Please let me know if you need more accurate information with respect to the problem that we are dealing with.

Thank you,

>    Hello,

>Le Tuesday 11 March 2008 18:02:43 Bogdan Cornea, vous avez écrit :
>> Together with a colleague of mine I am trying to use VLC for streaming over
>> DCCP.  We are using ubuntu 7.10. I have pretty much been through everything
>> that has to do with VLC and DCCP and here is how it turned out: Only
>> version 0.9 supports DCCP.


>> Wehave tried the unstable release from August 5th 2007 and applied thepatch
>> for dccp support.

>The DCCP patch from Gerrit Renker won't apply on development versions.
>You would need VLC unstable from 4 Mar 2008 (or later) to get the up-to-date 
>DCCP support.

>Rémi Denis-Courmont

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