[vlc-devel] Problem when Streaming with VLC 0.9 over DCCP (in linux)

Bogdan Cornea bogdibvro at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 21 03:46:50 CET 2008


Thank you Remi and Ilkka for your help!
Using the last two commands that Ilkka gave us, 

./vlc -I dummy 001.ts --sout '#rtp{mux=ts,proto=dccp,dst=}' - on the server side
./vlc dccp://localhost:50004 - on the client side

we were able to obtain DCCP stream.
What is also very important to add is that we needed to upgrad the kernel to 2.6.24 version. We initially used the 2.6.22 version of kernel, this being the reason why so many problems occured. Seems like there a pretty big difference in the DCCP module implemented in 2.6.24, compared with the older kernels.


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