[vlc-devel] Interesting idea for VLC and GSoC

Jason (spot) Brower encompass at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 11:08:19 CET 2008

My name is Jason Brower and I am a Python GTK developer trying to
stretch my wings in the OSS world with GSoC this year.
I have an interesting idea and I wanted the lists opinions about it so
we could flesh out some opinions on if it would be a good idea or not.
I was thinking of how hard it is for chat systems to not have any
ability to use video confrencing between one another.  I am a linux
user and have had this issue.  I use Pidgin and it has no video
capabilities.  So my idea would be to create a plugin that easily
setup and vlc webcam/video connection with people that a I would want
to chat with.
Quite simply it would send a link to the person I want to chat with
that would connect o a just created webcam server created with the
beauty of vlc.  That way people can veiw me without having to worry
about there chat programs.
I have setup video servers before, but would need help tweaking the
setting and finding what formats would work best.
I have done something similar to this before except it was a script
that started a very small webserver with a java application that
connected to a webcam server I was running.  This worked very nice, I
didn't have to worry about who I was talking to or how I was talking
to them.  I could chat on IRC ICQ AIM MSN whatever and it didn't
matter, I just gave the link and it worked.
Additionally, we would have to flesh out other issues like firewalls
and networking issue.  Something I don't know everything about.
Hopefully I could pull something together there.
So what do you think?  Just a braindump, but hope you get the point.
Jason Brower

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