[vlc-devel] iPhone / iPod touch port

Kushan Wijeratne samindaw at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 06:55:42 CET 2008

First of all I'm new to development on vlc, but not new to programming, I'm
planning on doing gsoc (no surprise there ;)) this year and I stumbled upon
above idea which interested me. I'm a student in university of moratuwa in
my final year. I'm good with C knowledge and assembly. I've worked a little
with autotools and didn't have much problems on it. I'm also ok with
assembly language. I have not specifically worked with embedded systems of
magnitudes of iphones, but have worked with microcontrollers/pics
(programming with c,assembly and basic).

I would like to try and port the vlc for the ipod since it would be really
cool and most of all fun to do it. But however the the ideas page did not
elaborate on it much. I dont know whether there already is an attempt to do
this or not. I checked a little on the recent vlc_devel mailing list on the
topic but did not see anything related to this topic. So if anyone can help
me with this, i'd greatly appreciate it.


PS:Dont know hw to contact the mentor *pdherbemont*, :(
(I know i was supposed to ask the questions earlier but being very busy for
the past few weeks due to our exams in the uni)
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