[vlc-devel] iPhone / iPod touch port

Kushan Wijeratne samindaw at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 07:07:00 CEST 2008

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 5:29 PM, Pierre d'Herbemont <pdherbemont at free.fr>

> Hi!
> On Mar 29, 2008, at 6:55 AM, Kushan Wijeratne wrote:
> > First of all I'm new to development on vlc, but not new to
> > programming, I'm planning on doing gsoc (no surprise there ;)) this
> > year and I stumbled upon above idea which interested me. I'm a
> > student in university of moratuwa in my final year. I'm good with C
> > knowledge and assembly. I've worked a little with autotools and
> > didn't have much problems on it. I'm also ok with assembly language.
> > I have not specifically worked with embedded systems of magnitudes
> > of iphones, but have worked with microcontrollers/pics (programming
> > with c,assembly and basic).
> You'll need to have an intel mac and to know Objective-C, you may need
> an iPhone too. Any problem for you?

I have not worked with mac architectures much. But there's always a first
time for everything . Yeah i think i can learn the intel-mac architecture
and obj-c. After next week or so i'm getting quite free. No i dont have an
ipod ( I'm not that rich :( ). in the ideas page it said that it is not
necessary to have a ipod, instead the simulator would suffice. but however
if it is really necessary to do critical testing, yeah i can get my hand on
an ipod from my friends (they normally trust me to return things back in one

> > I would like to try and port the vlc for the ipod since it would be
> > really cool and most of all fun to do it. But however the the ideas
> > page did not elaborate on it much. I dont know whether there already
> > is an attempt to do this or not. I checked a little on the recent
> > vlc_devel mailing list on the topic but did not see anything related
> > to this topic. So if anyone can help me with this, i'd greatly
> > appreciate it.
> It's trivial to build VLC for the iPhone. It is less trivial to build
> the video out opengl es driver because the framework is not available.
> (Didn't check with the latest SDK though.)
what do you mean by trivial to implement vlc for iphone??? Does this mean
that this prj is already on the way or not much modifications to the
existing code to get it done?? As i've said i have worked much with either
mac os or ipods, but from what i gather ipod can have either apple or linux
(which is a possibility according to the internet) running as the os. But i
think what you are expecting is to port it to an ipod having apple running
on it. As the for video out framework based on opengl for the ipod, I  found
that  the mac  ppl are opening up their sdk for the third party apps which
includes access of "embedded version of opengl". check out the link,
This sdk is however is in beta 2. but looks promising. it's huge (over 1GB)
:(, downloading it now.

> > PS:Dont know hw to contact the mentor pdherbemont, :(
> IRC ? :)

I couldn't connect to the irc from the university since the firewall blocks
the ports. I'll come online on irc when i get home.

> Pierre.
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