[vlc-devel] The performance of VLC on Windows CE building with CeGCC

Jérôme Decoodt djc at videolan.org
Mon Mar 31 18:45:40 CEST 2008


>    However, as VLC is a project build in Linux enviroment, it can not be
>    build using visual studio 2005 or eVC directly. What's lucky is

Indeed, the first port has been done using eVC and porting a Makefile to
an eVC project...

>    that, there are CeGCC and MinGWCE used to porting 
>    linux applications to windows CE platform. However, as I'm new to these
>    two tools, I want to make clear that, wether performance of the
>    application build with these two tools will be drawn?

I'm now trying to build again libvlc (not all VLC since I just need a
working decoder, a vout and not all the interface stuff) using

>    Is there any compare data for these tools? I hope there will be some
>    one kindly give me a help. 

When I last checked performances of VLC running on an ASUS P735 (IIRC),
it was running fine compiled with mingw32ce. And it was surely compiled
in debug flavor, without optimization... I'm gonna finalize the
integration of libvlc in my application soon, so I'll probably commit
some stuff in a few weeks about the WinCE port.

Best regards,
Jérôme Decoodt

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