[vlc-devel] Summer of Code: GUI interfaces for the browsers plug-ins

Justus-bulk at Piater.name Justus-bulk at Piater.name
Sat May 3 16:48:04 CEST 2008

> i think it is more a firefox problem if a plugin can crash it.

No. As is the case with most plugin architectures, plugin code lives
within the host's address space. Thus, firefox can do *nothing* to
prevent malicious or malfunctioning plugins from wreaking arbitrary

(Of course, this plugin design is questionable, but this is not the
right list for this discussion.)

> just installed vlc-0.9.0-git-20080501-0002-win32.exe in ff3b5, the
> videos are not shown, black with video is loading...

Sorry, can't help, no Windows over here...


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