[vlc-devel] Where does msg_Dbg outputs under Windows

Matthias Bauer smile4you at gmx.ch
Wed May 7 23:04:12 CEST 2008

Christophe Mutricy schrieb:
>>> am not releasing some object properly. From what I see in
>>> libvlc-common.c there is a msg_Dbg that would help me identify the
>>> culprit, but I can't see the msg_Dbg output anywhere. :-( Can someone
>>> shed some light on where these messages get sent?
>> They go to standard output (launch libvlc with -vvv argument)
> Which is not really existing on standard win.
> So either you use the logger module and output the messages to a text
> file.
> Or you use some *nix emulation like cygwin or Msys
Open the messages window in VLC Player (Tools --> Messages). Set the 
Verbosity Level to 2.

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