[vlc-devel] Sending synced text to the Qt4 interface

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 3 14:36:21 CET 2008

>  That is done on purpose by src/input/decoder.c to avoid losing subtitles
> at startup (as the vout can be created with delay).

Ah, that explains a lot, thanks.

>  You should not have any freeze, except the fact that the function that
> creates a subpicture will wait a long time.

The whole does not freeze, but, eg, the playback time does. The first
lyrics get delayed because of this.

>  That's not acceptable for a decoder. You should not need to touch
> VLC_OBJECT_INPUT directly.
>  That code should be moved to src/input/decoder.c to avoid it and to provide
> this functionnality to all subtitle decoders (the data can be read from the
> subpicture_t*).

Seems sensible. I'll have a look at that code.

>  Now on the way the subtitle is send to the GUI I really doubt it is the
> right solution.
>  A better and simpler way for the moment could be a simple "intf-lyric"
> (string)
> updated with the current lyric BUT you will have a few problems with
> synchronisation. A cleaner/usable method will have to be found.

Sync was the reason I went with this method. I could try to sync to the
playback time, if this is precise enough, and if this is available where
needed. I'll look into this more.


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