[vlc-devel] Windows help offered

nick.parker at chequeredvideo.com nick.parker at chequeredvideo.com
Wed Nov 5 15:05:41 CET 2008

Hi all

I sent this email to admin yesterday but have had no response so am
posting it here to see if I get a positive response.

I have seen the many help requests for Windows porting support on the web
site.  I would like to find out more about being involved, I have been a
software developer for the last 15 years and have Unix and Windows
experience, however my windows experince is all C#.  My main area of
expertise is SOA/Web Services using products such as BizTalk and ActiveVOS
- as you can imagine this is miles away from the video world!

I have installed the Cygwin environment and tried to compile a few
versions on cygwin and have found it OK but not that easy.  I am currently
stumbling with 0.9.4 as the modules/meta-engine library has a a -nostdlib
switch and hence its not finding things like std::string and hence isnt
linking without any unresolved items.

I am beginning to understand how the source code is arranged and how the
internal architecture holds together so I am not at base 0.  However my
knowledge of video streams and how they work is minimal.

I cant commit any specific time at present however I would like to help
where I can.  I have no idea about what is involved in porting to Windows
but maybe we could discuss something small and non urgent to get my teeth


Nick Parker

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