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Mikel Astiz mastiz at fatronik.com
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We are developing a plugin for VLC, as raised in another thread, to mix the 6 channels of a 5.1 audio input to a stereo output. The task is very time consuming, and there are some issues we are having during the development of the plugin.


Currently, our main problem is we have to adjust some of the parameters of the algorithm depending on the input rate which the filter is fed with. We were told that this rate is not predefined, and our tests show that certainly the fequency of the calls to DoWork can vary a lot depending on the data source being played.


The question is: are there any limitations to this behaviour? are there any constraints that a filter could assume?


For example, our currents tests show that the audio of a DVD is given in parts of 1536 samples each. On the contrary, some WAV files are processed in a part-size sequence of 1024-1024-157 (that is, one out of three calls is given 157 samples, and the rest is given 1024).


It would be interesting for us to know about any predictable behaviour.





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