[vlc-devel] Dynamic rendering for Kate streams

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Thu Nov 20 10:48:15 CET 2008


> Small comments
>> +          AC_MSG_ERROR([libtiger do not appear to be installed on your
>> system.])
> Grammar: does

Oops, will fix.

>> +#define TIGER_DEFAULT_FONT_EFFECT_TEXT N_("Default font effect")
>> +#define TIGER_DEFAULT_FONT_EFFECT_STRENGTH_TEXT N_("Default font effect")
> Identical strings

Will fix too.

>> +#define TIGER_DEFAULT_FONT_RED_TEXT N_("Default font color (red)")
>> +#define TIGER_DEFAULT_FONT_GREEN_TEXT N_("Default font color (green)")
>> +#define TIGER_DEFAULT_FONT_BLUE_TEXT N_("Default font color (blue)")
> Maybe using something like the html colors ro RRGGBB in hexadecimal
> would be more practical.

Makes it more coder friendly, but less user friendly, no ? Because it has
to be in hexadecimal.

> One more elaborate way, is to add a add_colour() functions so that GUI
> can implement a nice colour wheel to choose the colour.

I'll leave that for later :)

>> -    set_capability( "decoder", 50 )
>> +    set_capability( "decoder", 100 )
> What's the rational ? Is there other codec able to decode kate ?

Not as far as I know. It's a quite new format.

>> Subject: [PATCH] add libtiger to the contribs
>> +	(cd $@; autoconf)
> Why is that needed?

I do not know. I copied this originally from another such block.
Probably in case configure is out of date wrt configure.ac. I can
certainly remove it if nobody comes up with a good reason it is

> It also needs to be added in Distributions/*.mak on OS/arch where we
> think it's relevant

I can do that, but I thought this was left to each platform maintainer ?

Thanks for the comments.

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