[vlc-devel] Need some help ...

Vinod Kumar Malamal Vadakital vinod.malamalvadakital at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 23:50:19 CET 2008

Hello experts,
    I would like to modify libvlc to include my own function myfunc(). I am
using vlc-0.9.6. I have compiled the vlc code and installed in /usr. I
copied the a code from http://wiki.videolan.org/LibVLC_Tutorial to test my
vlc installation (I'll call this mytestcode.c ) and it works fine. However,
I want to include some code of mine written in a function myfunc() (the
function name is just to describe the problem). I included my code,
myfunc(), in media_player.c and added "VLC_PUBLIC_API void myfunc(
libvlc_media_player_t *, libvlc_exception_t * );" in libvlc.h. I compiled
the vlc code and installed it again in /usr. But when I call myfunc() from
mytestcode.c, I encounter and error  undefined reference to `myfunc'. I am
compiling the code mytestcode .c using gcc -o mytestcode mytestcode.c
`pkg-config libvlc --cflags --libs` -Wall.

Could someone please help here with some advice ... I have been trying to
figure out my mistake but cant figure it out ...

Best Regards
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