[vlc-devel] Win32 build broken -- no plugin DLLs generated?

Leith Bade leith at leithalweapon.geek.nz
Wed Oct 22 05:57:04 CEST 2008

Yeah I have been getting that problem too. Look for the email "Re:
[vlc-devel] commit: [Win32] Fix yet another packagingissue.(Jean-Baptiste
Kempf )" from yesterday. It seems the dev hasn't figured out what is going





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At least on Cygwin, it looks like something has happened to stop DLLs for
the plugins from being built. 

As of 16 October it looks like I was getting a codec libsdl_image_plugin

As of tonight I don't even seem to get that one. 

Best I can tell my Cygwin setup is fine, I do get the DLLs up in /src, just
none of the ones that should be created down in modules and its

What's been changed recently?  Perhaps the fact that libsdl_image_plugin.dll
was getting created as of a week ago is a hint -- what's changed relative to
it lately?



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