[vlc-devel] commit: Qt4: store input_item_t* in plitem and handle metadata in model ( Ilkka Ollakka )

Ilkka Ollakka ilkka.ollakka+vlc at oamk.fi
Thu Aug 13 17:44:58 CEST 2009

On to 13. elokuuta 2009 16.59.32, Jakob Leben wrote:
> One other thing:
> I suppose the PLItem( int, int, bool, PLItem *parent , PLModel * )
> constructor should be removed from playlist_item.hpp as it does not have
> it's definition now.
 Youre right, thats leftover too.

> Nice work. By the way I'm working currently also on trying to remove PLItem
> completely. However, I found out there is two prerequisites from the core to
> do before:

> - adding lock and refcounting to playlist items as well (playlist lock is
> not good enough for that, because we will need to store playlist item *
> right inside the QModelIndex which is handed out to views, where we have no
> control on it's usage)

I'm not sure if we need to store playlist_item_t* in playlist_model, as
we can get it from playlist in playlist_ItemGetByInput( playlist,
input_item_t ). But yes, it could be easier if we could do littlebit
finer locking on playlist items also. 

Ofcourse it would help to retain node-order if we could store
playlist_item_t* in model, and I tried it myself (not with great success

But maybe it could be done just storing input_item_t* pointers in
hierarchy inside model, as currently PLitem basicly holds info if it's
current item, showflags (which are same on every-item usually), and what
item is it's parent.
> - for the sake of Qt4 model/view architecture we should have a callback like
> "playlist-item-about-to-be-deleted", because we have to notify views in
> advance.
 Actually not sure if this helps that much, but we can notify views
 inside qt4 gui, as most of the deletions are triggered from gui and
 user-actions (exluding playlist-demuxers). If I don't remember that all

> Just so to mention the tasks I see coming, if somebody wants to take on
> it...

 Well, patches are welcome, even thou it can take some time to get them
 in/response to them.

Ilkka Ollakka
As the poet said, "Only God can make a tree" -- probably because it's
so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.
		-- Woody Allen
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