[vlc-devel] Can anyone tell me why this patch was done?

Jean-Baptiste Besnard jbbesnard at actech-innovation.com
Thu Aug 20 09:29:42 CEST 2009

Le 19 août 09 à 21:12, Niles Bindel a écrit :

> Just to ensure we are all on the same page, let me reiterate the  
> issue I am trying to resolve.
> Basically, I'm trying to fix an issue with the playlist not  
> automatically playing the next item in the playlist after completing  
> playback of the currently playing item.  This had been working fine  
> in previous versions of VLC that were in existence prior to the  
> patch I mentioned above.  When I looked into the issue, I found that  
> there was no longer any code in place to accommodate this automatic  
> transitioning ability as there was in the previous versions due to  
> the switch to using a MediaList instead of the Playlist.  I tried to  
> resolve this issue by using the existing MediaListPlayer, however,  
> as I describe in more detail here (http://mailman.videolan.org/pipermail/vlc-devel/2009-August/064366.html 
> ), I ran into a threading deadlock whenever the currently playing  
> item reached its end and tried to move onto the next media list  
> item.  Ultimately, the deadlock is caused by an event callback  
> trying to delete itself.
> The simplest test case to replicate this issue would be to create a  
> valid media player, media list, and media list player.  Add two  
> short video files to a media list, set the media list and player for  
> the media list player, start playback and the deadlock will occur as  
> soon as the end of the first file is done playing.


Yes our issues are a little different, I think your question was the  
opportunity to discuss of the media_list_player use,
I apologies for diverging on my playlist parsing problem.

Our problems are somehow related as they deal with the plugin’s  
And I’m very interested in the way you propose to solve the “switch to  
next item” issue.

For me the less intrusive correction to both issues would be a clean  
callback on “Once item has ended” somewhere in the plugin :  I would  
take back the subitems, you would switch to next item.

I agree with you but rewriting this playlist again wouldn’t be at our  
scale the best solution. We can’t pass over the huge amount of  
functional code that we have there.
I am quite new to vlc and I can just point out what I see to more  
experienced VLC developers,
yes a centralized media_list_player would solve the problem,  it will  
also be more esthetic and maintainable but it will require a LOT of  

The media_list_player was perfect to solve this issue as it was  
already coded but it suffered from some problems which are on their  
way to be solved,
replacing the QT playlist with this would be a total waste. ActiveX  
and mozilla plugin would need this because they are both "lightweight"  
of playlist players with redundant code.

I think a “hand-fixing” of the plugin with some patches might be  
sufficient for the moment at least to make the mozilla plugin  
And after tests // discussions, switching the plugins to  
media_list_player may be conceivable.

Best regards,

Jean-Baptiste BESNARD
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