[vlc-devel] need plugin developer

Mike mk4gmk at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 18:21:00 CEST 2009

В Птн, 28/08/2009 в 09:59 +0200, Jean-Baptiste Kempf пишет:
> Hello Mike,
> On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 11:46:04AM +0400, Mike wrote :
> > Sorry, if I have selected wrong maillist for my message - if that,
> > please, point me a better place.
> No, you are at the good place.
> > As part of a large project, we have faced with the following task: we
> > need to add support into vlc player our new video format. The duration
> > of this work is about 3-4 weeks, starting from the beginning of
> > september.
> Can you tell us just a bit more?

We have own file format - actually it's a crypted container for M2TS and
pictures (smth like DVD).
We have some library, which can parse decrypted format and return
handlers for M2TS containers and pictures.
Also this library knows about structure of file - succession of M2TS,
their relationship, info about displaying pictures and so on.
We want to play this format in VLC, so we need some wrapper(s) for this

In other words, there is a library, which know internal structure of the
input file. Library has defined interface.
We need to integrate it into vlc - to write adapter, which will adapt
and translate vls function interface into library functions, and back -
library's callbacks into vlc functions.

We guess, wrapper should include smth like input type plugin(for M2TS)
and advanced version of LOGO plugin(for displaing pictures) - but it's
one the prima facie.

>  - Is it a video format in the container sense, and you need a new
>    demux?
Input container is new (crypted), but inside it contains common M2TS.
All possible codecs are standard. I suppose, we don't need new demuxer.

>  - Is it a video format in the codec sense, and you need a new decoder?
>  - Is it something else?
The work implies the following activities:
1. Analyse library interface and tell what have to be changed and why to
integrate it into vlc
2. Perform the integration. As the result, files have to be played ok,
menu works, etc.

> > We are finding developer familiar with vlc code, who is able to
> > implement it. Fee and exact deadline are the subject of discussion.
> Well, depending on those above questions, different developers with
> different skills may be able to answer.
> Best Regards,

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