[vlc-devel] Problem with RGB24 Directshow display

Developer developer at noknok.net
Sun Dec 6 15:21:11 CET 2009

Screen capture DSHOW Filter for Windows problem with RGB24 color.


We are having an issue with a WINDOWS Directshow Source filter which 
basically is an advanced screen/window capture filter.  The output of 
the filter is RGB24.

When VLC plays it though, it seems DSHOW has RED and BLUE pixel data 
crossed so when playing what is RED shows up BLUE, what is BLUE shows up 
red, and of course everything in between.

I have placed the filter on drop.io  ( http://www.drop.io/dshow )

Now the filter renders correctly in every other application except for 
VLC.  If someone could look at it would be very appreciative. 

To install on windows one needs only to place in a directory, then run 
"regsvr32.exe noknokcapwindow.ax" (that registers the filter)

Then from within VLC, just play capture device, select NokNokCapWindow, 
and within properties you can set the window, frames per second, 
offsets, and height/width etc.


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