[vlc-devel] Problem with RGB24 Directshow display

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sun Dec 6 16:22:30 CET 2009


Le dimanche 6 décembre 2009 16:21:11 Developer, vous avez écrit :
> When VLC plays it though, it seems DSHOW has RED and BLUE pixel data
> crossed so when playing what is RED shows up BLUE, what is BLUE shows up
> red, and of course everything in between.

> I have placed the filter on drop.io  ( http://www.drop.io/dshow )
> Now the filter renders correctly in every other application except for
> VLC.  If someone could look at it would be very appreciative.

The VLC DirectShow plugin hardcodes the BGR order for RGB24. If your filter 
uses RGB, I'm not entirely surprised it fails.

> To install on windows one needs only to place in a directory, then run
> "regsvr32.exe noknokcapwindow.ax" (that registers the filter)

> Then from within VLC, just play capture device, select NokNokCapWindow,
> and within properties you can set the window, frames per second,
> offsets, and height/width etc.

We are a bit short on Windows developers at the moment.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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