[vlc-devel] Last call for release 1.0.4

Sébastien Escudier sebastien-devel at celeos.eu
Wed Dec 9 15:53:48 CET 2009

Quoting Glen Gray <slaine at slaine.org>:

> I'll double check again later today Ross, but I tried this last week with the
> latest code from your site and the 1.0.3 release on Linux. I was getting the
> problem where the new demux control function for CAN_SET_RATE was returning
> false, so it never attempted to send a Scale value in the play command.

1.0.3 is working fine for me.
But be careful, you have to use live555 as the rtsp server, and vlc as the rtsp
It will not work if your server is vlc VOD module.

./vlc -vv -I rc rtsp://
VLC media player 1.0.3 Goldeneye
status change: ( new input: rtsp:// )
status change: ( audio volume: 256 )
status change: ( play state: 3 )
status change: ( new rate: 1000 )
faster: returned 0 (no error)
[0x944bad0] main input debug: control type=4
[0x944bad0] main input error: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called
[0x951c8f0] main video output warning: early picture skipped
[0x944de50] main audio output warning: received buffer in the future
Sending request: PLAY rtsp://
CSeq: 6
Session: 1
Scale: 1.501502
User-Agent: VLC media player (LIVE555 Streaming Media v2009.09.28)

Received PLAY response: RTSP/1.0 200 OK
CSeq: 6
Date: Wed, Dec 09 2009 14:45:47 GMT
Scale: 2.000000
Session: 1

[0x944edb0] live555 demux debug: PLAY with new Scale 2.00 (500)

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