[vlc-devel] Read only the video of an RTSP stream

jboileau jboileau at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 15:57:45 CET 2009


I have an RTSP source that sends Video and Audio, but I would like to
receive only the video track. Is there a way to tell VLC to ask for only the
video track of the RTSP stream. In fact is that possible at all in the RTSP

An other option for me would be to have VLC ignore the audio track it is
receiving if that is possible. I have tried the 'Enable Audio' option, but
that seems to be too late in the chain. I think VLC has already decoded the
timestamp of the audio.

What I am trying to do is patch a problem I have with cameras I am reading
the stream of. The video and audio have timestamp problems and when VLC
decodes them it stops rendering after 2-5 seconds. Not a fault of VLC, but I
have found that if the audio is not present the video will play fine. Since
I do not need the audio portion of the program I would like to have VLC
ignore it so that I can at least have the video display properly.


Jacques Boileau
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