[vlc-devel] Christian Santa Hat removal?

Michael Schultz mjschultz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 07:08:43 CET 2009

On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 12:06:47AM -0500, Rob Whelan wrote:
> The issue at point has utterly nothing to do with the application function
> and involves (based on my review) about 20 lines of code to provide an
> optional disable.  That's the only issue here...options.

Given the amount of effort you have put in thus far, why haven't you
devoted your time to adding those 20 LOC?  Also, you've argued that such
things (holiday icons) don't belong in a media player, but you'd be willing
to put the options to enable/disable them in?

If you do add the code to make it option, please make the option something
along the lines of "enable fun reminders of special occasions".  I think
DrScheme does something like this (they have a Halloween logo and some for
the developer birthdays).

> Also, the Google logo is not identical from country to country....meaning
> NO, China does not get the same display as the US and Europe.  The Christmas
> wreath image does NOT appear if you pull up Google in Beijing.

Yes, Google can modify their logo based on country.  However, countries
still have diverse populations that have different views.  I've seen a
Dreidel, but I'm not Jewish.  Overall though, you're right regarding
Google, I assume they can change their logo dynamically.  They also have at
least one paid artist to create the logo for various events.  VLC doesn't.

> If no one really cared, I wouldn't be here doing this.

You're here because *you* care.  You are representing a population that you
haven't proven exists or we haven't proven doesn't exist.  Neither one of
us can prove this either.  You base your conclusions on populations and
projections, I base my conclusions on the opposition this thread has seen
so far.

> Why are your faith and celebrations more worthy of notation than mine?  Is
> this not a universal project? Are users in non Christian countries and
> cultures less valued than others?

No one said they were more noteworthy.  This is a universal project.  They
are just as valued.

You're reading way too much into a Santa Claus hat.  It is not a statement.
It is fun.

Lastly, everything after my suggesting you write the code should be
concluded.  As you say, the issue is one of options, so all other debate is
irrelevant.  I'm not the one in control of what goes into VLC, but if you
do a good job writing the code to enable/disable *all* the little easter
eggs I would be on your side for that battle.


Michael Schultz
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