[vlc-devel] [rfc] Let the web plugin have output chains

Luca Barbato lu_zero at gentoo.org
Sun Dec 20 14:37:24 CET 2009

The web plugin currently doesn't allow (rightly) to have stream out at 
all. That is a security measure to prevent rogue scripts causing havoc 
on users hd or, even worse, flood innocent servers across internet.

Still would be nice to have this limit relaxed having more or less the 
same policy you get in javascript (same-site): you may be allowed to 
stream to the same server you got the webpage instantiating the plugin.

This way you may have the web plugin used not only to let content 
fruition (like I did for media.lscube.org and 
media.accademiadellescienze.it) but also to have people interact using 
their audio-in and webcam and streaming back to the server in some way. 
(RTSP ANNOUNCE&RECORD would be the most proper way but could take a bit 
to have it implemented...)

Any opinion on it?


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