[vlc-devel] gui/macosx status of project ?

Dilaroga Dev dilaroga at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 15:58:07 CET 2009


I'm Sébastien Zwickert (dilaroga) a cocoa developer who maintains several GPL softwares under Mac OS X. One of them is called iMagneto (http://imagneto.sourceforge.net) which takes benefits of VLCLib engine through the VLCKit umbrella. I've heard a few day ago the problem of the missing maintainers of the module gui/macosx. Thus, i took a look at the interface module by compiling VLC (64bits) and by testing the result under Mac OS 10.6. There's a serious bug that causes frequents gui crashes (i'll open a discussion about it).
For now, when i launch the trunk vlc for macosx i can notice that there's a work to implement a newer interface that has been given up in process. I imagine that the goal of this task was to make a gui more cocoa/aqua/friendly that mac os x users are used to see on their environment. I think, having a discussion about or pointing out some archives could help the developers motivated to contribute to this module.
So, what's the videolan's point of view about the past/present/future of the module gui/macosx ?

Sébastien Zwickert.
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