[vlc-devel] Where I can disable the mouse events for the MAC OSX plugin

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 30 22:54:14 CET 2009

Hello Yair,

On 30.12.2009, at 20:31, Yair Han wrote:

> Where should I look for mouse (left) double click event for the MAC OSX
> plugin?
This depends on the macosx module you're using.
In "minimal_macosx", it is handled in voutagl.m line 472 ff.
In "macosx", it's voutgl.m line 961 ff. This module additionally handles vout click events for the ordinary interface plugin in vout.m (line 520 ff.)

Hope this helps.

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Felix Paul Kühne
Co-Developer of VLC's Mac OS X port

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