[vlc-devel] crash: This object event manager doesn't know about ...

Fabian Merki fabian.merki at merkisoft.ch
Mon Feb 9 19:13:04 CET 2009


I'm using jvlc (v0.9.0-test3, vlc 0.9.8a) and I get the following error when I run the attached java program (copied from JVLCExample.java).
(I know that this is not a jvlc forum but I hope that both - java and c++ people - might help me)

The program runs videos 1 sec and then starts the next. After running 3 or 4 videos it crashes with the following exception:

*** LibVLC Exception not handled: This object event manager doesn't know about 'libvlc_MediaPlayerPlaying,0616B708,00000000' event observer

When I comment out the following line it does not crash (it does no longer need to register for the events):
mediaPlayer.addListener(new MyMediaPlayerListener());

May be I'm doing something wrong, using the wrong versions, may be there is a (multi threading) bug in JVLC or in the native library... any help is welcome.

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