[vlc-devel] jvlc: Getting any response from VLM

Alexander Bethke abethke at oamk.fi
Mon Feb 16 13:27:46 CET 2009

Hi everybody,

I am trying to implement a live transcoding controller that wraps VLM 
via jvlc. Sending a command to VLM works fine, but it seems there is no 
way to get information back from jvlc. I understand that there is no 
fancy playback event handling with jvlc>VLM like when using jvlc as a 
player with MediaDescriptor. But what I don't understand is why no VLM 
method throws a VLCException. showMedia has return type void and I don't 
get any console logging from any VLM command (apart from actual VLC 
logging, when VLM triggered it right).
Am I getting something wrong? Or is that just unimplemented?

It would be great if the VLM methods could throw exceptions and if 
showMedia would at least return a String. I'd love to help out if I can, 
but I'm new to JNA and no C programmer. I understand that this might be 
a flaw in the actual VLM implementation. A push into the right direction 
might enable me to do something simpler though.

Regards and thanks, Alex

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