[vlc-devel] jvlc: Getting any response from VLM

Alexander Bethke abethke at oamk.fi
Fri Feb 20 10:48:10 CET 2009

Hi again,

thanks for the hints Filippo, I decided to be giving it a shot improving 
the communication between jvlc and vlm. But before I can verify my 
changes, I need to get the tests running correctly. When I run for 
instance VLMTest>testAddVod I get the following as tail of vlc's output 
(spawned when the local vlm variable from the test method is destroyed):

[0x93e0f00] main interface debug: removing module "screensaver"
[0x93e07f0] main interface debug: removing module "inhibit"
[0x94595b8] main interface debug: removing module "hotkeys"
java: ../../src/misc/objects.c:660: __vlc_object_release: Assertion 
`internals->i_children == 0' failed.

What's that assertion in the last line? It's always spawned when calling 
vlm.addVod in a test. The JUnit test runner then just gets stuck.

I built vlc from git from like some weeks ago. I applied your patch 
regarding OPTION_DLOPEN_GLOBAL, to jna, deployed it as 3.0.10-SNAPSHOT 
and altered the jvlc-poms to use that one. I have added my lib location 
in the vm-arguments of the VLMTest run configuration in eclipse 
(-Djna.library.path=/usr/local/lib, so Linux it is). With what setup do 
you develop jvlc?
I gonna pull the latest vlc trunk down now and try it again with that, 
perhaps that works better, stay tuned.

Hope you can help getting me started. Regards,


By the way, I registered to the jvlc trac, but I just can't log in, it 
always throws me back to the password prompt. username: abethke

Filippo Carone wrote:
> Alexander Bethke ha scritto:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I am trying to implement a live transcoding controller that wraps VLM 
>> via jvlc. Sending a command to VLM works fine, but it seems there is no 
>> way to get information back from jvlc. I understand that there is no 
>> fancy playback event handling with jvlc>VLM like when using jvlc as a 
>> player with MediaDescriptor. But what I don't understand is why no VLM 
>> method throws a VLCException. showMedia has return type void and I don't 
>> get any console logging from any VLM command (apart from actual VLC 
>> logging, when VLM triggered it right).
>> Am I getting something wrong? Or is that just unimplemented?
> Hi Alexander,
> VLM methods in JVLC should throw exceptions just like other JVLC
> methods. The current implementation throws exceptions away, but if you
> need exceptions now you may consider using
> org.videolan.jvlc.internal.LibVlc.libvlc_vlm_* methods which fill the
> libvlc_exception_t class correctly.
> The best would be to check the status of the libvlc_exception_t class in
> VLM.java and throw the VLCException accordingly.  Any patch will be
> kindly accepted ;)
> Cheers,
> Filippo
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