[vlc-devel] VLC Hanging and directory loading issues

Jonathan Steinert vlc-devel at hachi.kuiki.net
Sat Jan 10 03:36:04 CET 2009

When I try to open a directory, add a directory to the playlist or add a 
directory to the media library about 95% of the time it spins at the end 
of the operation unkillable.


I have an lsof output, vlc -vvv output and an strace of the situation 
all posted at this address, plus a more recent vlc -vvv output from 

This issue started back in late versions of 0.8 (I don't have info 
anymore) and has continued and still happens on today's snapshot (just 
checked) I've tried running release versions and

I'm testing this on debian linux both an x86 and a x86_64 (though the 
x86_64 nightly build stopped happening a while ago)

I've tried to run vlc under gdb to get a trace and thread list when it 
occurs but trying to send a break to gdb just ends up killing vlc and 
then I can get no info.

This all works fine on OSX against the same sets of files (large sets, 
small sets)

Additionally, since the 0.9 switch happened the default behavior in VLC 
is to have a flat playlist. I prefer the heirarchy view of directories 
added when I "Add directory" to the playlist, so I have the "Display 
Playlist Tree" option turned on. However on linux the tree is built 
incorrectly. Some items are placed in the root part of the tree despite 
being in sub directories of the root, and some items get a 'folder' in 
the tree which contains the files. Usually things are not in any 
discernable order (perhaps filesystem read order) This works better on 
OSX with release versions of vlc. All folders are there and in an alpha 
sort order.

Anyone have any info on what I can do to debug these problems? I don't 
see anything in the output that helps me fix these issues.

Thanks much


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