[vlc-devel] Implementing streaming motion JPEG2000 demuxing - Where to start?

Ed Sutton ESutton at fescorp.com
Wed Jan 21 22:47:00 CET 2009

What is the first module I need to implement to support demuxing of the UDP video codestream and where does it fit in the VLC architecture? 

The data format is not an existing container.  It is streaming video only (no audio) in a J2C or JP2 format as outlined in:


Do I need to implement a new "container" first? Or is a "container" only apply to files?

My application is real-time streaming of standard definition NTSC camera video.  I plan to use a 3rd party JPEG2000 decoder such as OpenJPEG.  It seems that one of the first steps must be to demux the codestream into frames.  The motion JPEG2000 codestream is UDP Unicast from an Analog Decvices ADV202/ADV212 real-time encoder board. Motion JPEG2000 is a frame-based codec that uses JPEG2000 and no inter-frame compression.  

Currently I have VLC building and running and I am trying to learn the architecture which is challenging to me despite even though I consider myself an experienced programmer.  

Thanks in advance for any direction or code source links,


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