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Guillaume Lescure guil.lescure at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 15:44:20 CEST 2009

Hello,We are 2 students in computer sciences and, to our summer traineeships
of 1st year of EPITECH, we are going to build a VLC's plugin with the
Lab'Free of EPITECH.

 Our project is a IrDA VLC's plugin. It will be a plugin for the infrared
support, for example an universal remote and an IrDA USB adaptator.

We choosed VLC because we like VLC and we think that VLC is the faster and
most modular media player.

Moreover, it could read so much video and audio codecs.

To make our project, we are going to use the IrDA utils in C to enable the
communication between the remote and the infrared captor.
The goal is to make a new communication VLC's module to IrDA devices.

We are going to finish this project in almost 4 months ...

We are open to all suggestions, ideas and advices :)

Best wishes
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