[vlc-devel] Looking for VLC developer/help/ideas for embedded client development

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Thu Jul 23 16:40:22 CEST 2009

Le jeudi 23 juillet 2009 02:09:11 nicolas, vous avez écrit :
> Sorry, when I mean large I mean physically large, resolution is often low
> from 64x64 to 320x320, for bigger resolution screens DVI is used at the
> transmission medium directly form the source.

Sounds more reasonable...

> Is RAW streaming this something that can be added easily to VLC ? Plugin ?

As far as streaming is concerned, 24-bits RGB can be carried over RTP/UDP. The 
raw video payload format (IETF RFC4175) needs to be added to VLC. The decoding 
part is already implemented, since it's needed for normal output to monitor.

Raw video might also be feasible with MPEG Transport Stream, but I'm not 
familiar with that.

> What about the embedded side ?

The same raw video payload format for RTP must be added too. After that, it 
depends how you expect the RGB frames to be sent to your display hardware.

> Can VLC be built as a Library that allows reception of streamed data ?

Assuming your embedded hardware runs a VLC-capable operating system... ?

If none of the concrete video output plugins work for you, then you can use 
the virtual "vmem" video output plugin to grab the frames (or create a new 
video output).

> Would any developer be interested in working
> on this, summer project ? We have a (small) budget for this, if anyone is
> interested please contact me off list.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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