[vlc-devel] Looking for VLC developer/help/ideas for embedded client development

nicolas nicolas at enttec.com
Thu Jul 23 01:09:11 CEST 2009

Sorry, when I mean large I mean physically large, resolution is often low 
from 64x64 to 320x320, for bigger resolution screens DVI is used at the transmission medium directly form the source.

Is RAW streaming this something that can be added easily to VLC ? Plugin ?
What about the embedded side ? Can VLC be built as a Library that allows reception of streamed data ?
Would any developer be interested in working on this, summer project ?
We have a (small) budget for this, if anyone is interested please contact me off list.



That depends on the size
> and frame rate of your "large" video screens. Full
HD at 24 fps and 24-bits
> color depth is already 1.2 Gbit/s before protocol
overhead. Support for raw
> video streaming (over RTP) could be added with a
reasonable amount of work,
> but I am not fully convinced that GigE is fast
enough, or that it won't hit
> other bottlenecks, such memory copying speed,
socket buffers size,
> checksumming (unless the NICs can offload), or


> Denis-Courmont

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