[vlc-devel] libvlc API: Add equalizer to audio.c

Cyril MATHE cmathe at actech-innovation.com
Mon Jul 27 17:09:42 CEST 2009

Le samedi 25 juillet 2009 à 10:23 -0700, Pierre d'Herbemont a écrit :
> Cyril,
> I am reluctant about that patch because two structures are being used.
> Please don't use structure at all, or in a very limited manner.
I agree with you, but the first one had just one structure. I changed it
because you asked me that the getter return a value.
Anyway i really need the eqz_t structure.

> The ownership is unclear, and the libvlc_audio_get_eqz() is completely
> leading to leak the psz_name member. I would suggest to do it in a
> similar way to what was done for your previous patch, with explicit
> setters and getters.
I try to be the most similar with the previous patch, but it's not
really work in the same way as in marquee, so I cannot just return a
integer value or a string value. I return all the equalizer value on a
For example if i want to return a band value, I must at least to return
the band value and the band number, so it doesn't match with an integer
return function. It can works with a structure or a tab. For enabling I
need to return the boolean value so just an int and for the equalizer
name a char*. So do I have to do three getters ? with three different
kind of return value ?
the problem is the same for the setters, which means also three
setters ? I think it's a bit much redundant, isn't it ?
But if you prefer something like this, I don't mind to do it, I just
don't see the interest. That's why I choose to return all values in a
structure using just one function. The second structure is to know what
the user want to do, and get his option values.

> I would suggest to draft the prototype API first, and then implement
> it. 
If you have some suggestion tell me.
> So that you don't waist too much time just by implementing
> something that will have to change.
I agree with you. It's a big  waste a time for me.

> Thanks for your work,
> Pierre.
> On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 1:34 AM, Cyril
> MATHE<cmathe at actech-innovation.com> wrote:
> > This patch add equalizer audio filter to audio.c.
> > It adds two new functions:
> >
> > libvlc_audio_set_eqz(libvlc_audio_eqz_config_t, libvlc_audio_eqz_t):
> > enable/disable equalizer, set a new band value, set an equalizer preset
> >
> > libvlc_audio_eqz_t libvlc_audio_get_eqz(libvlc_audio_eqz_config_t): get
> > equalizer status (enabled or not), get bands values, get equalizer
> > preset settings.
> >
> > Best Regards,
> >        Cyril Mathé
> >
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