[vlc-devel] libvlc API: Add equalizer to audio.c

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at free.fr
Sat Jul 25 19:23:09 CEST 2009


I am reluctant about that patch because two structures are being used.
Please don't use structure at all, or in a very limited manner.

The ownership is unclear, and the libvlc_audio_get_eqz() is completely
leading to leak the psz_name member. I would suggest to do it in a
similar way to what was done for your previous patch, with explicit
setters and getters.

I would suggest to draft the prototype API first, and then implement
it. So that you don't waist too much time just by implementing
something that will have to change.

Thanks for your work,


On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 1:34 AM, Cyril
MATHE<cmathe at actech-innovation.com> wrote:
> This patch add equalizer audio filter to audio.c.
> It adds two new functions:
> libvlc_audio_set_eqz(libvlc_audio_eqz_config_t, libvlc_audio_eqz_t):
> enable/disable equalizer, set a new band value, set an equalizer preset
> libvlc_audio_eqz_t libvlc_audio_get_eqz(libvlc_audio_eqz_config_t): get
> equalizer status (enabled or not), get bands values, get equalizer
> preset settings.
> Best Regards,
>        Cyril Mathé
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