[vlc-devel] New Mac OS X GUI: 1st Proposal

Dominic Spitaler Dominic.Spitaler at gmx.at
Mon Jun 8 14:53:45 CEST 2009

Fellow VLC Developer Community,

I've been working the last days (actually 2 weeks but with breaks) on  
a first proposal how the new VLC Mac user interface could look like.
The design I've come up with is pretty radical and screws some  
conventions but I think it's really for a better user experience.
Sadly it's not fully compliant with the Mac OS X Humane Interface  
This mockups are not polished yet, all icons and UI elements are lent  
or just quickly made up by me for the purpose of demonstration.

Anyway here it is and I want to open the thread for feedback and  

VLC Mac GUI Iteration 1 (1.2MB, 3500x2000px, I warned you)


(By the way: Shall we open up a wiki page for the new Mac GUI?)
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