[vlc-devel] Custom variation of wingdi module problem

Geoffroy Couprie geal at videolan.org
Tue Jun 16 17:23:26 CEST 2009

Juan Fernando Herrera J. a écrit :
> I'm making a custom variation, wingdi_MOD, of the wingdi module. For
> testing, I want to have both plugins simultaneously available, so I
> duplicated some sections in configure.ac. This did work for a while,
> but after some modifications to my code and trying configuration
> tweaks, my wingdi_MOD2 ended up "corrupting" vlc: It would work only
> by removing my plugin's dll from the path. Even refreshing  bootstrap
> and configure wouldn't solve it. So, I'm considering to have
> duplicated -lgdi32 and -lgdi32_MOD libraries.

First, what do you do in this wingdi_MOD?
Second, I don't get what you're meaning by gdi32_MOD. Do you want to 
rewrite the whole GDI lib? Good luck then :)
I don't think that the conflict comes from GDI. Can you explain what are 
the modifications you did to wingdi?



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