[vlc-devel] rtsp source ports

cozzn phil at cozzn.be
Wed Jun 24 09:45:30 CEST 2009

>> I'm assuming you're referring to RTSP VOD, because this problem has  
>> been
>> fixed for ages with RTSP broadcast. That has already been  
>> discussed. The
>> way the VOD plugin abuses the RTP stream output has hit its limits. I
>> think there are no ways to fix this without an extensive rewrite of  
>> the
>> VOD plugin.
> I wrote a very ugly patch that works around these limitations (and is
> too ugly to be merged). But I think it would only work with a single
> Elementary Stream (only video, with no audio). I can share. Philippe,
> what is the application you use to play the stream on your phone?

The target is a VOD service whereby the stream is on-demand transcoded  
to a video and audio stream suited for the capacities of the  
requesting device. Now this on-demand transcode part works more or  
less from VLM to VLC. But not when streaming to a mobile device (real)  
Another problem arises, that's why I wrote 'more or less', when I try  
to change the resolution while transcoding. It seems that this video  
stream's resolution is changed but the client VLC gets the wrong  
'information' and does not resize its window resulting in bad decode  
and extremely distorted video. I think this 'information' is sent in  
the 'config=' part of the SDP info which is not correctly adapted to  
the transcoded video. When I also write this file to an mp4 file, I  
get a correctly resized video file. So the video stream is good.
So in fact these are the 2 issues that prevent me from realizing this  
service:  Bad RTSP setup and resizing the video stream.
Now Rémi says the 'Bad RTSP setup' problem is solved in RTSP broadcast  
but I can not realize this application with broadcasting, I think? An  
extensive rewrite of the VOD plugin is also not an option. And I  
haven't even started looking at the video resize problem.
Can VLM help me or should is this a dead-end and should I be looking  
at other applications? Maybe you know of some which could do this?

Thanks a lot for all help,

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