[vlc-devel] Core input code race condition

Laurent Aimar fenrir at via.ecp.fr
Tue Mar 3 09:47:40 CET 2009


On Tue, Mar 03, 2009, xxcv wrote:
> I've reported this bug through trac since it is down ATM.
> However, I did try this on 2 machines with success, instead of having  
> courmisch setting keyword to
> unreproducible, I am asking here if anybody else can re-produce this bug.
> Reproducible on XP and Vista.
> Anyway I'm going to describe again about this bug, which exists on  
> vlc.git/master and
> not 0.9-bugfix.
> Here is how-to re-produce the race condition bug,
> 1, add a few audio or video files (prefer video because race condition  
> appears faster)
>    Also prefer to pick different resolution video files as this way  
> resets vout in between items.
> 2, after adding few files to playlist, start playback then keep on  
> pressing "N" every second.
> 3, if successfully trigged the race condition input* will be locked  
> vlc.exe will need to be forced
>    to end process (through task manager) although qt4 interface doesn't  
> hang.
>    If you do trigger this bug please specify your o/s version.
> It seems input thread lock the wrong vout, aout.
> This bug doesn't trigger a crash it only stop the decoding and refuse to  
> create or destroy input.
> It displays first video frame then stalls there, pressing any control  
> buttons through qt4
> interface produce debug message "dying input".
 There was a bug in the ressource code (related to vout/aout recycling).

 Could you test again using the latest master (it is a really recent fix) ?



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