[vlc-devel] Typos on the au website

Clytie Siddall clytie at riverland.net.au
Tue Mar 10 10:21:00 CET 2009

Salut mes amis :)

I'm your Vietnamese translator, and while working on your files, I did  
a fair bit of research online. In the course of that, I noticed that  
your au page (I'm in Australia, so Google decided I needed to see it):


has some typos:

- Others Softwares
+ Other Software
although I suggest
+ Other great software

- Download 100% free virus
+ Download (100% virus-free)

-Description VLC Media Player
+Description of VLC Media Player
I suggest
+So, what's VLC?

-Music and video maximized
Get here ..
+The best music and video
Grab VLC!

I also suggest changing

-Take full advantage of music and video files here
+Get the best out of music and video files

(the "here" is implicit).

VLC media player (initially VideoLAN Client) is a multimedia player  
designed for VideoLAN.
The strength of VLC is that it supports various audio and video  
formats, in addition to different file types, DVD formats, VCD and  
various streaming protocols. This version includes new functions such  
as support for playlists, Shoutcast TV integration, Last FM and real  
time searches and a Mozilla plug-in, which allows you to view  
Quicktime and Windows Media files in the web without having to use the  
VLC media player (originally VideoLan Client) is a multimedia player  
designed for streaming video. VLC's great advantage is that it  
supports a huge number of audio and video formats, probably every one  
you'll want to play! It also supports a lot of different file types,  
DVD formats, VCD and a stack of streaming protocols. VLC is your one- 
stop shop for media playing. The latest version has some tasty treats  
like playlist support, integrating Shoutcast TV and Last.fm, real-time  
searching, and a Mozilla plugin which lets you watch QuickTime and  
Windows Media files online without having to download them. VLC just  
gets better and better. Oh, and it's completely free: free software  
(GPL). Grab VLC!

My teenage daughter uses VLC on OSX to download and play a motley  
range of file types, so I know how good it is. ;)

BFN, I'm off to finish my translation... (via Pootle and the Decathlon  

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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