[vlc-devel] VLC 1.0.0-pre1 issues

Rory daic.lai at msa.hinet.net
Tue Mar 31 19:55:57 CEST 2009

DVB-H is base on  DVB-T.
DVB-H using MPE to encapsulate IP data Stream and using MPEG-2 Transport 
Stream to carry MPE data.
Receiver side obtain multicast RTP Streaming over UDP/IPv4 or UDP/IPv6 via 
MPE decapsulater, however the stream is following RFC3984 standard.
It is work fine when I using vlc-0.8.6i, but when i change vlc 
version(0.9.x) it is always dropping frame, even broken.
DVB-H has a key technique which is time-slicing. this technique is in order 
to save mobile device power. May be this technique lead to delay high.
i set udp caching value to 30000ms(using 0.9.8a),but can't improve 

I don't know why.

Best Regards,

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Le mardi 31 mars 2009 16:33:13 Ross Finlayson, vous avez écrit :
> >  > - DVB-H seems to be broken in 0.9 and 1.0
> >
> >AFAIK, we have never had DVB-H in the first place. That's a live555
> > problem anyway.
> I'm curious; what do you mean by this?  I'm not very familiar with
> DVB-H, but if it's MPEG-TS initiated using RTSP, then the LIVE555
> libraries should be able to support it (at the client end).
> Or is the problem that DVB-H requires some non-standard use of RTSP?
> (If so, then perhaps we could still end up supporting this, with a
> little work?)

In my understanding, DVB-H is very different from DVB-(C|S|T). It multicasts
RTP "natively" over UDP/IPv6. Especially there are no Transport Streams.

VLC cannot handle it because its built-in SDP parser is incapable of 
multiple streams as well as non-static payload types. Live555 is incapable 
handling it because it does not support IPv6.

Rémi Denis-Courmont
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