[vlc-devel] Cocoa/Objective-C interface for VLC?

Andre-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Sat May 16 16:39:27 CEST 2009


Although I am not in a position to do any coding for VLC (various  
excuses), I thought it could be interesting to at least to look into  
ways to make the high level development easier on MacOS X. The general  
idea would be to have a separation, something akin to Adium and  
Libpurple, where Adium is the 'high level' UI and Libpurple provdes  
the core implementation.

The way I see this happening is by have an Objective-C class for the  
player and using a model-view-controller design. The class would be  
the model providing all the necessary methods to interact with VLC  
player. Then the rest of the user interface could be developed using  
"Interface Builder" and having the action call backs calling the  
'player' object. Maybe having VLC video widget could also be something  
worth considering.

Part of the interest is trying to make the high level stuff easier to  
develop is seeing the UI suggestion here:


If we can make it easier for people to develop the MacOS X specific  
stuff, then it could help in finding the right resources for the MacOS  
X side.

This is my 5c worth, and hopefully this should be a place to go from.


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